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The Blue Storm is the nineteenth glyph of the Tzolkin, and the keywords associated with it are "self-generation" and "catalysis". This glyph always brings change, like a storm that turns everything upside down, leaving ruin and chaos in its wake. Such are the people born in the Blue days of the Storm. However, change cannot happen without some level of destruction, and the Blue Storm people realize that there is much in the world that needs to change. Yes, sometimes they can seem like the cause of stormy occasions, sometimes they inflate a "hurricane in a teacup", but still they are useful people, without whom the world could not develop.

The challenge of the Blue Storm is the Red Moon. Challenge is what challenges us to become the strongest person we can be. The Red Moon is associated with "universal water" and "cleansing," and the key phrase that most closely describes the Red Moon is "go with the flow." To have the Red Moon as a challenge implies that you have a problem with the flow. Try to resist excessive self-control and trust the universe, and then your destiny will unfold as it should. As Blue Storm, you have the desire to change things, but you have to understand what you can really change and what you can't.

The arcane glyph of the Blue Storm is the White Wind. This glyph symbolizes "bond" and "spirit". The secret glyph in the birth chart symbolizes the magical gift that you have hidden within your confines, this is your "ace in the hole". The wind is the magical brother of the Storm, which means that you have a magical ability to communicate, or that the messages of the spirit that you transmit speak of magic. You would do well as a writer or speaker. Perhaps this is a good way for Blue Storm to bring change through communication.

The analog glyph of the Blue Storm is the Yellow Sun. This glyph symbolizes "enlightenment" and "universal fire". The analog glyph has more in common with yours than any other. They are natural allies.

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If you were born on the first (magnetic) or the sixth (rhythmic) or the eleventh (spectral) tone, then you are ruled by your redoubled power. Such people are resourceful, independent and very often stubborn. Rarely listening to what other people say, they always solve their problems themselves.

If you were born on the second (lunar) or the seventh (resonant) or the twelfth (crystal) tone, then you are ruled by the Blue Monkey. Blue Monkey means "magic", "illusion" and "game". If you are ruled by the Blue Monkey, then you should pay attention to these keywords. Magic and illusion are very subtly connected, and the monkey teaches that if you want to know the difference between magic and illusion, then you must understand the responsibility that falls on your shoulders when using magic. The monkey shows that magic is a very powerful thing, and when we turn to this power, we must respect it, otherwise it will turn into an empty illusion. Finally, for Blue Storm, which is controlled by a monkey, this means that you change things using magic and game.

If you were born on the third (electric) or the eighth (galactic) or the thirteenth (cosmic) tone, then you are ruled by the Blue Night. It is a glyph that means "dreams" and "abundance". For Blue Storm, which is ruled by dreams, this means that your way of making changes in the world is connected to your great imagination.

If you were born on the fourth (self-existing) or the ninth (solar) tone, then you are ruled by the Blue Eagle. This glyph means "vision" and "creativity". For the Blue Storm, which is ruled by the eagle, this means that you can see things with more perspective, and using this you make a difference.

If you were born on the fifth (overtone) or the tenth (planetary) tone, then you are ruled by the Blue Hand. This glyph symbolizes "healing", "inner knowledge" and "accomplishment". The Blue Storms, ruled by the dominating Hand, bring change to the world through the power of healing.

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